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The 14 projects

Fact sheet

The Four Ideas at The Closing Ceremony

Power Bumps
A new technology using hydraulic speed bumps to produce energy when cars drive over. The energy can be used to e.g. electric street lights, but it can also be sent into the general electricity system.

A new technology using noise from cars on the highways to produce energy. It absorbs the sound waves and turns them into vibrations, and the vibrations are used to produce energy for street lights on the highway.

Raining Men
A new technology combining rainwater collection with turbines producing electricity. The water is collected and pumped into the house to be used for all kinds of water installations.

Climate educators
An educational webpage for students and teachers with material on environmental responsibility.

Bright Green Youth 27. Foto: Jakob Dall.jpg
Bright Green Youth 25. Foto: Jakob Dall.jpg

The Ten Other Chosen Ideas

C4 An online social forum (like facebook) with a climate profile. Here you can connect with your friends and debate climate problems and solutions. You can share ideas, blog, upload pictures, participate in quizzes and games and much more.

Famous stars awake the world
A campaign creating awareness about climate problems eg. A video showing pictures of climate catastrophes coupled with pictures of rich countries’ over-consumption. Famous people are used to create attention.

A hybrid between a bike and a car combining the good things from both. It drives on clean energy, has room for luggage and it is faster and more safe than a bike.

Heroes on grass
A campaign involving young people in promoting the use of existing clean technologies like solar panels.

Eco credits
A system of eco credits reflecting the environmental damage of buying different consumer products. The goal is to raise awareness amongst consumers about the connection between their personal consumption and environmental damage.

Earth cleaners
A campaign organising an international trash collecting day 21st of April 2010, where students worldwide collect trash from the streets.

Green Reach Housing
A container house concept of carbon-negative houses, where accessible and simple technologies are bundled and tailored to consumers’ individual needs. The houses can be packed in containers and sent to e.g. catastrophe areas.

A green – but luxurious – bus driving on energy from solar cells.

Free power
A strategy for spreading green water pumps using energy from solar cells in poor countries. The pumps must be produced and co-financed locally, and local residents must be trained in maintenance of the pumps.

A reward system where electricity companies reward private consumers for saving energy. Private households monitor their own energy consumption, and receive text messages and facebook updates about their consumption.

You can cut up to half of your energy bill by switching to energy-efficient appliances, cooling equipment and lighting.
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