Pet Friendly Artificial Grass And All One Needs To Know About It

 Pet Friendly Artificial Grass And All One Needs To Know About It

Who does not want an ever so luscious lawn outside their house? Who does not want to have green bushes around greener grass? Apart from the aesthetic effects, a lawn instills, there are so many health benefits a natural lawn can provide. From, purifying the air, to increasing soil activity and subsequently increasing soil’s quality and keeping it alive. A lawn can almost improve the value of a property 2 folds, if not 3. Everybody wants it, but one thing that most people do not take notice of is the fact that maintenance of lawns is difficult, and it costs way more than just a few bucks. And one of the most difficult part of maintenance is the grass. It’s a highly tedious work, taking care of the grass, and especially if there are pets around.

What are the challenges one faces when there are pets around, with the lawn?

  • Pets, especially when they are dogs, keep digging around in the lawn. Everything soft is home for them. If one has a dog, they know what sort of digging is being talked about here. Dogs dig pretty much everywhere to an extent that there are only patches everywhere and no lawns.
  • Pet feces causes yellowing of grass and the color does not go. So, forget the lush. Feces of the pet animals, especially dogs are extremely stinky and can take a while to go before one starts using the lawn again.
  • Pet pee is another thing that can be really difficult. Dog’s pee contains high amounts of nitrogen and it is hazardous for plants and grass alike. It is most certainly very difficult to actually train the dog to pee somewhere else.
  • When there are pets around, they attract a lot of other insects, reptiles. This is another trouble with having pets and maintaining a lawn.

What is the solution for these pet related challenges?

One solution to this is artificial pet friendly artificial grass, or synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is nothing but some synthetic nylon fibers designed to look like grass. They are well researched and developed and have been in existence since 1965. The first company to have brought it in the market, rather innovated it, was AstroTurf. But today there are hundreds of other companies that manufacture synthetic grass and are good for use.

How can synthetic grass be of help?

  • Firstly, synthetic grass is easier to maintain. Much, much easier, really.
  • Synthetic grass remains more luscious for longer given the properties of the material it is made with.
  • Synthetic grass is not appealing to insects or reptiles. They usually tend to repel from synthetic grass, probably because synthetic grass feels different on touch.
  • Synthetic grass can be cleaned more easily. It’s easier to not having to water them and to check on the soil every now and then. Thus, saving one from a lot of work and extra bucks spent.
  • There will not be any bald patches or dug holes in the lawn and that would make it look a lot more fresh and beautiful for much longer.

Will the pets like the feel of it?

Pet friendly artificial grass these days are developed after intense amount of research. Research about the torque the pressure can generate on the foot, about the feel of the grass and lot more. These researchers also keep in mind that the customer the product might be sold to might have a pet, more often than not. Hence, it is always well researched in those terms. The synthetic turfs these days are good enough and most often the dogs and other pets do not even realize the difference between the real grass and this one. In fact, if anything, the pets will be able to play more roughly on these lawns and will have a great time.

About the feces and the pee, good quality synthetic turf these days have in built drainage systems that can soak in almost everything fluid and will save a chunk of effort and time of the mower or the owner. For the odor though, a little bit of baking soda and vinegar mixture can do wonders. Once a week hosing of water around is enough as far as maintenance is required.

Pet friendly artificial grass is way more hygienic and healthy if there is a pet in the house and should definitely be considered before designing the lawn or for renovating it.